The following properties of BNBL will be sold in an OPEN AUCTION on 5th March, 2024 (Tuesday) at 10:30 AM in the Conference Hall (4th Floor), BNBL Corporate Building, Chubachu, Thimphu on “AS IS WHERE IS BASIS” and the interested bidders are requested to physically inspect the properties (both movable and immovble) prior to the auction.

List of Movable Properties
Sl. No.Property DetailsModel YearRegistration#LocationContact NumberRemarks
1Bharat Benz Truck2018BP-2-B0281Phuntsholing Branch17655985Running
2Bharat Benz Truck2018BP-2-B0254Phuntsholing Branch17655985Running
3Tata Bus (40 Seaters)2013BP-2-A7883Jampel HHS, Haa17111478Running
4Sany Hydraulic Crawler Excavator2016BP-1-A0062Motithang, Thimphu17163328/17637371Running
5Sany Hydraulic Crawler Excavator2016BP-1-A0063Motithang, Thimphu17163328/17637371Running
6Kobelco Excavator2017BP-4-A0047Near Football Ground, S/Jongkhar17171372Running
7Backhoe Loader Case 851 EX2016BP-2-A0037Extension Parking, Samdrupcholing17171372Running
8Backhoe Loader CASE2022BP-4-A0169Samdrupcholing (Bangtar)17171372Running
9JCB 3DXSuper Backhoe Loader2020BP-4-A0118Samdrupcholing (Bangtar)17171372Running
10SK1613 TATA Tipper2016BP-4-A0532Extension Parking, Samdrupcholing17171372Running
11TEREX Backhoe Loader2016BP-2-A0021Toorsa, Phuntsholing17655985Running
12Sany Excavator2017BP-4-A0043Orong, Samdrupjongkhar17111129Running
13Komatsu Excavator2015BP-2-A8565Toorsa, Phuntsholing17655985Running
14JCB Excavator2016BP-2-A0009Toorsa, Phuntsholing17655985Running
15JCB Excavator2018BP-2-A0214Toorsa, Phuntsholing17655985Running
16Ashok Leyland Dumper Truck2018BP-2-B0461Phuntsholing Branch17655985Running
17Ashok Leyland Dumper Truck2018BP-2-B0463Phuntsholing Branch17655985Running
18JCB Heavy duty Excavator2017BP-1-A0277Motithang, Thimphu17637371Running
19JCB Backhoe Loader (Off Road)2013BP-2-A7899Samdrupjongkhar, Phuntshothang, Bhangtar17171372Off Road
20Mahindra Earth Master SX4WD Backhoe Loader (Off Road)2016BP-1-A4073Phuntsholing Branch17160870Off Road
21Eicher Truck (Scrap/off road)Toorsa, Phuntsholing17655985Scrap

List of Immovable Properties
Sl. No.Property DetailsThram #Plot No.LocationContact NumberContact Branch Office
1Land (11,5869.60 sqft)2039PLN-7321 & PLN-7322Remety, Phuntsholing77307300BNBL, Head Office
2Land (13,111.56 sqft)2017PLN-7359Remety, Phuntsholing77307300BNBL, Head Office
3Land (4.09 Acres) with School Buildings and Project Assets.136BJI-2100, BJI-2116, BJI-2124 & BJI-2131Chungpa, Bji, Haa17111478BNBL, Head Office
4Land (4,566 sqft)110TG1-298Melphay, Samkhar, Trashigang17111129BNBL, Trashigang
5Land (553,168.44 sqft)1843BHA-4764, BHA-4765, BHA-4766, BHA-4767, BHA-4768Sampheling, Chukha17961514BNBL, Head Office
6Land (11,020.68 sqft)454TSN-1509Tshendagang, Dagana17631731/17225555BNBL, Tsirang
7Land (226,904.04)231GOZ-2183, GOZ-2842, GOZ-823, GOZ-824Goshi, Dagana17631731/17225555BNBL, Tsirang
8Land (8,712 sqft)469BJA-131Tsimasham, Chukha17160870BNBL, Gelephu
9Land (1.40 Acres)8DHT-1355Yinagang, Dewothang, Samdrupjongkhar17743659BNBL, Phuntsholing
10Land (2 Acres)8DHT-4852Yinagang, Dewothang, Samdrupjongkhar17743659BNBL, Phuntsholing
11Land (24 Dec.)89KAN-1024Kanglung, Trashigang17743659BNBL, Phuntsholing
12Land (84,811.32 sqft)1309PHT-2874Sukuni, Belamsharang (along the Samdrup Chholing High way) S/jongkhar17171372BNBL, Samdrupjongkhar
13Land (137,693.16 Sqft.)245TSN-879Norbuzingkha, Dagana17150271BNBL, Tsirang
14Land (12,196.80 Sqft.)1799U-274Near Town, Trongsa17150271BNBL, Bumthang
15Land (25,787.52 Sqft.)179NUB-5327Nubi Gewog, Trongsa17150271BNBL, Bumthang
16Land (20,603.88 sqft)464TSN-1516Tsendagang, Dagana17418891BNBL, Tsirang
17Land (297,471.24 sqft)443TSN-870Dagapela, Dagana17418891BNBL, Tsirang
18Dry Land (1.512 Acres)552TSA-1884Tshangkha, Dagana1757287717225550BNBL, Dagapela
19Dry Land (28.6 Decimals)158TSA-1633Tshangkha, Dagana1757287717225550BNBL, Dagapela
20Dry Land (1.47 Acres)158TSA-204Tshangkha, Dagana1757287717225550BNBL, Dagapela
21Dry Land (1.50 Acres)158TSA-618Tshangkha, Dagana1757287717225550BNBL, Dagapela
22Land (130,680 sqft)29TAL-1016Dongkokha, Below Nobgang Lhakhang, Talo, Punakha77104790BNBL, Head Office

1 All potential purchasers must fill up the registration form or register before 10:30 AM on the day of Auction.
2 Upon submisson of the valid Power of Attorney or Authorization Letter, a bidder representing the interested buyers or group of buyers shall be required to fill in and sign a prescribed Proxy Form (BNBL will issue proxy form during registration)
3 A registration fees of Nu.300 ( Non Refundable ) with an earnest money of Nu.25,000.00 to be deposited in cash /BNBL cheque/online payment not
later than 10.00 AM on the day of auction.
4 Earnest money of unsuccessful bidders shall be refunded.
5 The highest bidder will be the purchaser and no bidder shall be allowed to retract their bid(s). All sales are final and binding.
6 For every successful bid, the purchaser is required to make payment of 25% of the bid amount by CASH/BNBL cheque immediately after the
fall of hammer. The balance is to be paid on or before the expiry of TEN DAYS from the date of Auction and take delivery of the property.
7 All applicable renewal fee/ownership transfer tax and charges payable to the relevant agency or authority shall be borne by the highest successful bidder.
8 The purchaser will not be entitled to possession of the property ( ies) purchased until the total purchase price have been fully paid
and adjusted. In the event that the purchaser fails to pay the full purchase price for the property within the prescribed time,
deposits/part payment made shall be forfeited.
9 The purchaser shall be deemed to have physically inspected the property to their full satisfaction before making their bid(s).
10 The Bank may at any time withdraw the property(ies) from the auction before or on the auction date at its own discretion.
For any Clarification, Please contact Mr. Tenzin Norbu, Legal In-Charge, BNBL, HO, Thimphu or call @328577-88, Extn.1135 or 17619998/77129998
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