Manufacturing Loan

empowering your vision, driving your production.

This loan is for industries engaged in manufacturing and production activities. These loans are to be backed by project assets supplemented by other fixed assets based on the risk level of the projects and project asset quality. 


Interest Rate

interest rates of your choice.

We offer a floating and a fixed rate so that you can choose.


Fixed Rate


Floating Rate

if you are applying for manufacturing loan, you should know.

Manufacturing Loan

Business Loan

60% – 75%

60% – 75% of the Project Cost

10 Years

Maximum Tenor


individual, firm or company 

A Bhutanese individual, firm or company is eligible for opening and operating a current deposit account.


for manufacturing loan.

  • Loan Application form duly filled in and signed on all the pages (Full signature).
  • CID copy of the promoter.
  • Detailed project report with the financials.
  • Valid Trade License.
  • Ownership certificates.
  • Approval Drawings from the relevant authorities ( if it is for the establishment of hotels , resort, & schools)