Loan Products

Loan ProductsFixed RateFloating Rates (1 year reset)Max. Tenure (Years)
Consumer Loan (GE)11.00%9.5%5
Personal Loan15.00%13.5%5
Housing-Commercial Loan13.00%10.00%30
Home Loan-Non Commercial11.00%9.00%30
Manufacturing & Industry Loan12.75%11.5%20
Loan against Term Deposit / Fixed Deposit1% above TD Interest RateTD / FD Term
Loan against Shares12.00%11.00%15
Service & Tourism Loan11.75%8.50%20
Trade & Commerce Loan12.75%10.5%5
Transport Loan12.00%10.5%5
EDP Loan10.00%No Change5
Commercial Agriculture10.00%New Product5
Working Capital Loan13.00%12.5%1

Fixed Deposit and Fixed Deposit +

Normal FDFD PlusNormal FDFD Plus
On MaturityMonthlyQuarterlyHalf-yearlyYearlyOn MaturityMonthlyQuarterlyHalf-yearlyYearly
31 to less than 90 days2.00
3 months to less than 6 months2.505.50
6 months to less than 1 year3.005.75
1 year to less than 2 years6.006.75
2 years to less than 3 years6.507.25
3 years to less than 4 years7.
4 years to less than 5 years7.507.
5 years to less than 6 years7.757.477.487.497.528.007.707.717.737.76
6 years to less than 7 years8.007.707.717.727.758.257.937.947.957.98
7 years to less than 8 years8.257.937.947.957.978.508.
8 years to less than 9 years8.508.
9 years to less than 10 years8.758.398.408.418.438.758.398.408.418.43
10 years and above9.008.628.638.648.669.008.628.638.648.66
Terms and Conditions
  1. Corporate Deposits above Nu. 50M shall be accepted at negotiated rates, and not necessarily at published rates.
  2. Interest rate on pre-mature withdrawal of the Fixed deposits shall be 1% less than the prevailing deposit period interest rate.
  3. For FD Plus accounts:
    • In case of premature withdrawals, the adjustment of recoverable penalty amount shall be made from the principal.
    • No partial redemptions shall be allowed.

Recurring Deposit

Deposit PeriodRates (%) p.a
1 year < 2 years7.00
2 years < 3 years7.50
3 years < 5 years8.00
5 years < 7 years8.50
7 years and above8.75
Terms & Conditions
  • Interest rate on pre‐mature withdrawals will be 1% less than the prevailing deposit period interest rate.
  • Period of Deposit:
    • Minimum: 1 year

Savings Account

Savings Account TypeInterest Rate (% p.a)
Regular Savings Account4.50
Piggy Bank Account5.00
Pensioner's Account4.50
Savings Provident Fund (PF) Account6.50

Non Resident Bhutanese Foreign Currency (NRBFC)
Savings Account

CurrencyRates (% p.a)