Trade and Commerce Loan

unlock new business opportunities.

This loan is for business firms engaged in buying and selling of goods (retail and wholesale).  

Interest Rate

interest rates of your choice.

We offer a floating and a fixed rate so that you can choose.


Fixed Rate


Floating Rate

if you are applying for trade and commerce loan, you should know.

Trade and Commerce Loan

Light Vehicle

60% – 70%

60% – 70% of the collateral value


Maximum tenor for trade and commerce loan depends upon the amount of loan your are availing.

5 Years

1 to 1 Million

7 Years

1 Million – 10 Million

10 Years

Above 10 Million


firm or company.

Trade and commerce loan can be opened and operated by Bhutanese individual, firm or company.


for Trade and Commerce Loan.

  • Loan Application form duly filled in and signed on all the pages (Full signature).
  • CID copy of the promoter.
  • Two numbers of latest passport size photograph.
  • Project report/Profit & Loss /cash flow statement
  • Stock Statement
  • Work Order
  • Copy of valid Insurance policy of the building if applicable.
  • Valid Trade License.
  • Ownership certificates of the land
  • Photocopy of I.D. Card of Guarantor(s) if applicable.
  • Latest Passport size photographs of Guarantor(s) 2 nos if applicable.