Recurring Deposit

save with ease.

Recurring Deposits (RD) provides customers with the flexibility to invest an amount of their choice each month and save money with ease.
Save fixed amount of money periodically with us by using our recurring deposit product. In the end, rejoice while you receive all the saved money and the accompanying accumulated interest.
Terms & Conditions:
  • Interest rate on pre‐mature withdrawals will be 1% less than the prevailing deposit period interest rate.
  • Period of Deposit: Minimum: 1 year
Interest Rate

interest rates according to deposit period.

Interest rate of a recurring deposit account depends upon the duration of deposit. Recurring deposit account has to be opened for minimum of 1 year. An individual receives higher interest rate if recurring deposit account is opened for longer period of time.

Deposit Period Rates (%) P.A
1 year < 2 years 7.00
2 years < 3 years 7.50
3 years < 5 years 8.00
5 years < 7 years 8.50
7 years and above 8.75


individual & on behalf of minors.

An individual having a savings account with the bank can open a recurring deposit account any time either via MPay or by visiting the nearest branch/extension office. Recurring deposit account can also be created with on behalf of a minor by their guardian.


savings account & recurring deposit form.

Saving Account a per-requisite for opening a recurring deposit account. If an individual has savings account, recurring account opening can be done via MPay or by filling up the recurring deposit form and submitting it to the nearest branch/extension office.



  • Monthly installment will be auto linked with savings account
  • Minimum monthly deposit is Nu.300 until a year
  • Take home interest with your Recurring Deposit Principal
  • On maturity, amount will be directly credited to savings account
  • Availability of certain portion of interest on premature withdrawal