Savings Account for Bhutanese Living Abroad

Seamless Savings, Across Borders

The BLA Savings Account is specially designed for Bhutanese residing outside Bhutan. You do not need to be physically present to open an account in Bhutan. You can open your Savings account in:

  • Foreign Currency

  • Ngultrum Currency

Currencies and Interest rates

We offer opening BLA account for these currencies

US Dollar

1.75% per annum

Australian Dollar

2.75% per annum


1.50% per annum

Great Britain Pound

1.50% per annum

Japanese Yen

1.50% per annum


4.50% per annum


  • Enjoy higher interest on your foreign currency balance, exclusively for Bhutanese
    Living Abroad

  • Access your funds from anywhere, any time via mobile banking

  • Full repatriation of your foreign currency balance

Account Opening

online via Remit Bhutan.

You can open an account by visiting the link.

  • Select your bank as BNB
  • Upload all necessary documents for verification to be done by RMA.

Once completed, an application reference number will be provided to track the application.