Current Deposit Account

convenient account for your business.

Current Account is usually for the business establishments and operated on a regular basis. It is a non-interest bearing account which allows an account holder to write cheques against funds in the account.

This account enables the withdrawal of funds without limiting the number of transactions on a given day.


government, corporations, business entities, NGOs, and associations

Current deposit account can be opened by Government, Corporations, Business Entities, NGOs, and Associations.


for opening a current deposit account.

  • Current Account form
  • ID and Passport photo of proprietors/authorized signatories
  • Other relevant documents
  • To be operated by the proprietor/authorized signatories


of Current Deposit Account

  • Maintain a minimum balance of Nu.1000
  • No restriction on maximum balance
  • Free ATM card, Internet Banking, SMS facility and B-wallet service for a single owner