Home Loan

A step away from your dream home in Bhutan.

We can finance construction, renovation, repair and purchase of flat/ apartment/ house for one unit personal dwelling in Bhutan.

Interest Rate

Preferential interest rates

0.5% points reduction in interest rates exclusively for Bhutanese Living Abroad.

We offer a floating and fixed rate that you can choose from.


Fixed Rate


Floating Rate

if you are applying for home loan, you should know.

Home Loan
Personal Housing Loan


Maximum LTV

10 Million

Maximum Loan Amount

30 Years

Maximum Tenor


Bhutanese Living Abroad

Should be a Bhutanese individual, above 18 years of age, residing outside of Bhutan.
Must nominate a resident Bhutanese individual as their designated correspondent for the bank.


for home loan.

  • Duly filled in Loan Application form signed on all the pages by the applicant

  • KYC:

    1. 2 passport sized photos or digital copy
    2. CID copy
    3. Copy of valid passport
    4. Copy of valid visa
    5. Address proof such as recent copy of utility bills
  • Proof of income:

    1. Latest pay slip in case repayment source is salary (OR)
    2. Overseas bank account statement for at least 3 months
  • For new construction/s:

    1. Ownership certificate (latest)
    2. Copy of architectural drawing
    3. Letter of approval from the Municipal Authority/Dzongkhag
  • For existing house/ apartment:

    1. Ownership certificate (latest)
    2. Photograph of the house/apartment
    3. Copy of valid insurance policy
    4. Sale deed in case of purchase
  • Other documents:

    1. PoA issued by the borrower for submission and execution of loan documents (if PoA is issued)
    2. Payment authorization
    3. Copy of CID of the correspondent
    4. Duly filled form on correspondent’s details
    5. Family Tree

Loan application

Apply online

You can now apply online for the loan by visiting the link below.

Submit the required documents (attested by Bhutanese embassies/ other registered overseas Bhutanese associations)

Issue a PoA

You can also issue an attested Power of Attorney (PoA) to any resident Bhutanese individual for submitting and signing all documents on your behalf