Loan to Purchase Share

unlock the potential of the stock market.

This loan is for the purchase of securities of companies registered under RSEBL. However, the Bank shall not grant credit, give any guarantee or incur any other liability against the security of our own shares, shares of our subsidiary, shares of our parent company, or shares of the subsidiary of the parent company. 

Interest Rate

interest rates of your choice.

We offer a floating and a fixed rate so that you can choose.


Fixed Rate


Floating Rate

if you are planning to avail loan to purchase shares, you should know.

Loan to Purchase Share

The loan amount for purchase of shares should not exceed 50% of the market price or offer price, whichever is lower at that point of time. It is to be noted that the market price is to be derived from the lowest of the last three years traded price. The last traded prices can be obtained from the RSEBL. 

5 Years

Maximum Tenor



All individuals who have adequate source of income and are eligible to purchase shares.  


for loan to purchase share.

  • Copy of CID of both the applicant and the guarantor
  • One recent passport size photograph of the applicant
  • Proof of income to service the loan – verified rental income via way of rental receipts, PIT/BIT, etc.
  • Trade Certificate confirmation from RSEB