Investment Account for Bhutanese Living Abroad

Elevate Your Investments, Explore Bhutan’s Market

This account is designed exclusively for Bhutanese Living Abroad to participate in Bhutan’s stock market. With this account, you can invest in a wide array of stocks, bonds, and securities, while enjoying the convenience of managing your investments from anywhere in the world.

Interest Rate

Investment account

5% per annum
In Ngultrum


  • Enjoy higher interest rate compared to regular savings account

  • Use funds in your investment account to recharge your mCaMS wallet

  • Receive proceeds from your securities into your investment account

  • Access your funds from anywhere, any time via mobile banking

  • Full repatriation of your funds

Permissible deposits

Only the following deposits are allowed into the investment account, as mandated by regulatory authorities.

  • Inward remittance

  • Interest

  • Transfer from other BLA investment or foreign currency account(within BNB)

  • Maturity/sales proceeds of permissible investments in Bhutan

  • Refund of subscriptions/fees/other charges for investments in Bhutan

Account Opening

Online via Remit Bhutan

You can open an account by visiting the link.

  • Select your bank as BNB.

  • Upload all necessary documents for verification to be done by RMA.

Once completed, an application reference number will be provided to track the application.