Ria Money Transfer

international money transfer made easy.

Ria Money Transfer (“Ria”) is a global leader in the money transfer industry, offering their services at 435.000+ locations across 160+ countries.
Founded in 1987, the company has grown from a single storefront in New York City to become one of the largest money transfer companies worldwide. In 2007, Ria was acquired by Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leader in processing secure, electronic financial transactions.
The company has multiple hubs and regional offices around the world, with its Global Headquarters located in California, USA.

Ria has partnered with BNB to provide you the convenience of receiving money from anywhere in the world. You can send money via Ria by either visiting a Ria agent location, online or from the Ria App.

Getting Money

credited to your bank account

One of the most secure ways to receive your money is to have it deposited directly to your bank account. Ria can deposit funds into most bank accounts and has an extensive network of banking partners around the world, including Bhutan.
Share your bank account details with the sender and they can deposit the money by making an online money transfer, by phone, or in person at any of our authorized locations worldwide.

Getting Cash

over the counter

Cash payout is one of the fastest and most popular ways for beneficiaries to collect remittances from their loved ones abroad. Currently, the majority of remittances are paid using cash, and Ria has expanded its global network to provide hundreds of thousands of payout points in almost every part of the world.
Simply visit the nearest Ria authorized location, and provide your PIN and valid country-issued ID to collect your money.

Sending Money

from a ria agent location

Visit one of the Ria Stores or authorized agents anywhere in the world and provide the details of the recipient to send money. Your family, friends and business partners will receive their funds in a timely manner, with excellent customer service at any of Ria authorized locations.

Sending Money


If you’re in the United States, Spain, UK, Australia and Malaysia, you can send money online, in minutes. Please visit https://corporate.riafinancial.com/ourservice/online to know more.

Sending Money

through the Ria App

Downloading the Ria Money Transfer app gives you access to 447,000+ Ria locations worldwide in the palm of your hand. Ria’s enhanced mobile experience makes it easy to select a preferred way to send money with the best exchange rates available. Plus, with Ria’s ever-expanding network, the funds are transferred conveniently to friends or family via bank deposit, cash, or home delivery. Please visit https://corporate.riafinancial.com/ourservice/app to know more.