quick and easy fund transfer to other banks in the country.


information & services.

It replaces the NEFT and NECS system. GIFT supports three types of payment services:

  1. BITS (Bhutan Interbank Transfer System)– Transfers made through this service is settled batch-wise at half-hourly intervals, and supports transactions unto Nu. 1 million.
  2. RTGS (Real time gross settlement)– Transfers initiated through this service are settled immediately on receipt. RTGS allows transfer of money from one bank to other in “real time” and “Gross “settlement basis and is to be used for all amounts above Nu. 1 million.
  3. Bulk Payment– This service allows those transactions where multiple beneficiaries are to be credited from single account and vice versa. Larger volume of payment collection can be initiated through bulk. E.g. Salaries, Loan repayments



of BIRT.

  • Fastest Transfer of money within Bhutan.
  • Companies/firms can directly avail the above services through BNB Internet Banking or present their transaction request to the bank counters.


of BIRT.

  • No hassle of counting bulk cash and carrying to other banks.
  • No risk of losing money.
  • Bank with the bank of your choice.
  • Companies/firms need not have to register with RMA.