Foreign currency fixed deposits for Bhutanese Living Abroad

Grow Your Wealth Beyond Borders: Your Currency of Choice!

Open fixed deposits in foreign currency using funds in your foreign currency savings account. You can open your fixed deposit in the following currencies:
US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, Pound, Japanese Yen.

Interest Rate

Foreign currency fixed deposit


For all currencies(minimum 1 year)


  • Retain your foreign currency for future use

  • Upon maturity, the amount will be credited to your foreign currency savings account

  • Availiablity of certain portion of interest on premature withdrawal


Savings account in the same currency as your Fixed Deposit

Account Opening

Online via Remit Bhutan

You can open an account by visiting the link.

  • Select your bank as BNB.

  • Upload all necessary documents for verification to be done by RMA.

Once completed, an application reference number will be provided to track the application.