Fund Transfer to India

with ease, from bhutan to india.

You can transfer money from Bhutan to India with ease through Bhutan National Bank. We help you with the process by using our correspondent banks in India to facilitate the fund transfer; the process is fast and easy.
You may need to provide certain documents for the transfer to be processed. Please visit a branch nearest to you to know more.

Charges for Transferring Funds to India

if you are transferring fund to India, you should know.

Charges for DRAFTS(INR) &  TTS/RTGS(INR)

NU. 35

Upto Nu. 100,000.00

Nu. 2 / 1,000

(Min Nu.35 & Max Nu.2,000)

Nu. 100,001 – Nu. 1,000,000

Nu. 1.75 / 1,000

(Min Nu.2,000 & Max Nu.15,000)

Nu. 1,000,001 & above