Bhutan National Bank Limited is pleased to announce the vacancy as per the details given below:

Designation Assistant Manager
Role Digital Marketer
Slot 2
Placement Corporate Office, Thimphu
Entry Band I
Starting Salary Nu. 29,891+ 25% House Rent Allowances and Other allowances as per the HR Policy of the Bank.
Educational Qualification Bachelor’s degree in Communication/ Journalism/Public Relations/Media/Marketing
Should have completed the course through regular class [Distance education will not be accepted]
Should have completed the degree from a College/University recognized by Bhutan Accreditation Council
Marks Qualification Criteria Degree-65%

Class XII-65% (English+ Best Four Subjects)

Class X- 65% (English+ Best Four Subjects)

Shortlisting Ratio Top 14 candidates shall be shortlisted for Aptitude Test taking the total aggregate marks obtained in class 10, 12 and degree.

Top 7 shall be shortlisted for Viva interview taking the total aggregate of  class 10, 12, Degree and Aptitude Test.

Other Criteria 1. There will be no rounding up of the marks, the candidates should have 65% in Degree, 12 and 10 inorder to qualify for the submission of the application
2. If there is a requirement of additional manpower during the year, the bank may opt to take from the same list in the order of merit within the year from the selection
3. for those where percentage marks are not reflected in the degree certificate, average percentage shall be calculated by dividing the semester percentage by the number of semester and number of years.
4. Incase the percentage is given then we will take the percentage reflected in the transcript.
5. For GPA calculation, we will use the guidelines reflected in the transcripts and convert into percentage.
6. No additional marks shall be given to the candidates with higher qualification beyond the requirement of the bank.
7. No marks shall be awarded for extra Curricullum Certificates

Bhutanese candidates who meet the above criteria can submit the application (download the application form below) to BNBL Human Resource and Administration (HRA) Department, Corporate Office, Thimphu, 3rd Floor (Block B) latest by 5 December 2022. The shortlisted candidates shall be notified through phone call/ email /website.

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