mPay FAQ

1. How to sign up or register on mPay?
Having a saving account is a pre-requisite to register for mPay. Download mPay App. from App Store or Play store. Click on “Sign up”. Type your account number and mobile number. Choose Mobile or Email for OTP. Enter the OTP and set password. Note – “Sign up” if you are registering to mPay initially. “Sign in” if you have already registered to mPay before.

2. Is there a direct contact number (focal person) to call for issues related to mPay?
Yes we do. We have a dedicated WhatsApp contact for issues related to mPay and other services like cards (credit and debit cards). 17112496 (WhatsApp message only).

3. How to register on mPay with current account?
If you have already signed up on mPay with your saving account – Go to Accounts. Click on Add account. Enter your current account number. Click Submit. However, if you are signing up with current account for the first time, please fill in the mPay change request form on our website and e-mail it to

4. How to reset password on mPay?
Click on “Forgot Password”. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number/email address. Enter the OTP and change your password.

5. How to reset TPIN on mPay?
Click on “Forgot TPIN”. Furnish your details. Type the OTP and change your password.

6. How to check account balances on mPay?
Go to Accounts. Click on “Balance Enquiry”. Choose the account number from the drop down list.

7. How to add multiple accounts on mPay (including FC accounts)?
Tap on Accounts. Click on “Add Account”. Type the account number you want to add. Press SUBMIT.

8. How to enable fingerprint on mPay?
Click on the menu bar (top left corner). Tap “Enable fingerprint”.

9. How to transfer money from mPay?
Click on “Fund Transfer”. Tap on the option you want – within BNB or other bank. Choose your account from the drop down list. Select the beneficiary bank and enter the amount. Type beneficiary account number. Click Confirm.

10. How to use split bill on mPay?
Tap on “Split Bill”. Add your associates’ contact numbers. Enter the amount and Press Submit. They will be notified via the bell icon (top right corner). If the request is accepted, the amount will be automatically deducted and credited to the sender’s account.

11. How to view my loan balance from mPay?
Go to Account. Click on “Balance Enquiry”. Select your loan account from the drop down list.

12. Where is Tour Payment located?
The tour payment icon is located in the “Fund transfer” dashboard.

13. How do I get a refund for unsuccessful fund transfers (debited my account but not credited beneficiary’s account)?
The amount will be credited to the beneficiary’s account within 2 working days via the force credit mechanism.

14. How do I get a refund for unsuccessful mobile recharge?
Please raise the issue to our dedicated WhatsApp number 17112496. Sending the transaction screenshot will be helpful.

15. How to increase limit for transferring funds from mPay?
Go to Fund Transfer. Click on “Manage Limits”. Select the limit category from the options given.

16. How to generate Green PIN for my cards through mPay?
Click on ATM PIN. Furnish the details and click confirm.

17. How to premature withdraw from my FD/RD on mPay?
Go to “Accounts” and click on “Premature FD/RD”. Note: It will take 1 to 2 days to close the FD/RD after you have initiated the procedure from your mPay.

18. What is Edu Pay?
Edupay is a payment feature on mPay from where you can pay your/your child’s fees to the schools and institutions as listed under the EduPay feature of mPay.

19. What is the function of “Request Money” on mPay?
The feature allows you to request money from any mPay user. The person you request money from will be automatically alerted.

20. Can I pay bills through mPay?
Yes, you can pay your BT services bill, electricity bill, taxes, TV rents, credit card bills, Samuh subscriptions from the “Bill pay” feature.

21. Are there any charges for using mPay?
There is no charge for using mPay.

22. How to generate QR code from mPay?
Go to the menu bar and select “QR Code”.

23. How to get account statement on a daily basis (for 3 months period)?
Click on “Account”. Select request account statement. Choose the account number. Set the date and click submit (The statement will be sent to your registered email).

24. How do I update my email address/phone number or any other details?
Fill out the mobile or email change form available on our website. Then upload the scanned copy on our website under the “Online service” portal.

25. What is the interbank fund transfer limit?
It is Nu. 1000000 per day as per the RMA regulations for inter-bank (BNB to other banks) fund transfer.

26. What types of insurance premium can I pay from mPay?
You can pay insurance premium for life and annuity products including loan repayments to RICBL.

27. Why do we need to update the mPay app regularly?
mPay updates are required when new features or improvements are added to the app.