Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited (DCCL) is floating corporate bonds (Series  II) amounting to Nu.700 million. All interested public and private Institutions and individuals are invited to purchase the Bonds. The following are the terms and conditions;
Issuer                          : Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited 
Broker                         : BNB Securities Limited
Total Issue Size          : Nu. 700 million
Public Offering            : Nu.350 million 
Tenure                        : 10 years 
Face Value                 : Nu. 1000/- 
Issue price                 : Nu. 1000/-
Minimum subscription  :1000   (one   thousand)   units   for   institutions   and 10(ten) units for private individuals 
Coupon/Interest rate  : 9% per annum ( Semi-annual payment) 
Opening Date             : September 27, 2014
Closing Date               : November 4, 2014
Allotment date            : Within 30 days of closing date
Allotment                    : The  allotment  will  be  done  based  on  the 'Equal allocation method' of RSEBL
Tax Exemption          :Coupon amount will be exempted for the purpose of PIT.
Security                    :Fully secured by DHI with the pledge of equity shares of one of its  subsidiary company
Kindly read the prospectus and abridged prospectus for more detailed information on the Bond being issued.
A copy of the application form and prospectus can be downloaded from here or visit our branches.
For any clarification, please contact Ms. Dorji Zhangmo, DCCL, (M:17660296, e-mail: dojzhang(at)gmail.com) or Ms. Deki Peldon, BNB (M:77100360, e‐mail: dekipeldon(at)bnb.bt) 
DCCL Management
ATM at Hejo, Thimphu.