The following properties of BNBL will be sold in an OPEN AUCTION on 9th March, 2020 (MONDAY) at 10:00 AM in the Conference Hall (4th Floor), BNBL Corporate Building, Chubachu, Thimphu on “AS IS WHERE IS BASIS” and the interested bidders are requested to physically inspect the properties prior to the auction.

List of Movable Properties:

Sl. No.Property Details Registration #Plot No.LocationContact Point Remarks
12014 Model Renault DusterBP-1-C5814Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
22017 Model Vibratory Tendem RollerBP-4-A0084Noukilo (Highway to Deothang, Sjongkhar)BNBL, SamdrupjongkharRunning
32017 Model Grader XGMA-XG3165cBP-4-A0049Noukilo (Highway to Deothang, Sjongkhar)BNBL, SamdrupjongkharRunning
42018 Model JCB 3DXSuper Backhoe LoaderBP-4-A0086Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
52017 Model Bharat BenzBP-4-A0585Samtse Branch OfficeSamtse Branch OfficeRunning
62017 Model Bharat BenzBP-4-A0583Samtse Branch OfficeSamtse Branch OfficeRunning
72017 Model Bharat BenzBP-4-A0586Samtse Branch OfficeSamtse Branch OfficeRunning
82017 Model Bharat BenzBP-4-A0582Samtse Branch OfficeSamtse Branch OfficeRunning
92017 Model Bharat BenzBP-4-A0584Samtse Branch OfficeSamtse Branch OfficeRunning
102017 Model JCB 3DX Backhoe LoaderBP-1-A0101Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, Thimphu BranchRunning
112017 Model JCB CASE Backhoe LoaderBP-2-A0094Samtse Branch OfficeSamtse Branch OfficeRunning
122018 Model JCB CASE Backhoe LoaderBP-2-A0193Tingtibi Extension OfficeTingtibi Extension OfficeRunning
132018 Model JCB CASE Backhoe LoaderBP-2-A0194Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
142017 Model JCB CASE Backhoe LoaderBP-1-A0193Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
152017 Model JCB Backhoe LoaderBP-1-A0145Shearee Square Parking, Olakha, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
162018 Model Eicher Pro 2016HBP-2-B0128Zimbi Workshop, PhunsholingBNBL, PhuntsholingRunning
172018 Model Eicher Pro 2016HBP-2-B0130Truck Parking, PhuntsholingBNBL, PhuntsholingRunning
182016 Model TATA PrimaBP-2-A9335Zimbi godown, PhuntsholingBNBL, PhuntsholingRunning
192013 Model JCB Backhoe LoaderBP-2-A7899Bhangtar, Phuntshothang, Samdrupcholing, S/jongkharBNBL, SamdrupjongkharRunning
202017 Model JCB Excavator (Heavy)BP-2-A0130Dhamdum, Samtse Industrial AreaBNBL, SamtseRunning
212017 Model JCB Excavator (Heavy)BP-2-A0148Dhamdum, Samtse Industrial AreaBNBL, SamtseRunning
22Kodak 7000 Photo Printer (One set)BNBL, ThimphuBNBL, Thimphu
232015 Model Motor Grader XGMABP-1-A3719Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
242016 Model Backhoe LoaderBP-2-B8898Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
252016 Model JCB Soil CompactorBP-1-A4075Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
262017 Model Road RollerBP-1-A0223Motithang, ThimphuBNBL, ThimphuRunning
272017 Model Bull Smart Backhoe LoaderBP-1-A0092BNBL, GelephuBNBL, GelephuRunning
282017 Model Soil CompactorBP-1-A0222BNBL, GelephuBNBL, GelephuRunning
292016 Model CASE JCB Backhoe LoaderBP-3-A0003Below Zhemgang HospitalBNBL, Gelephu/TrashigangRunning
302011 Model Volvo Excavator (OFF ROAD)BP-1-A2781Tshangkha, Dagana BNBL, Thimphu Off Road
312017 Model Excavator SG821BP-2-A0100Nganglam Extension OfficeNganglam Extension OfficeRunning
322017 Model 25TPH Stone Crusher Jaray Gewog, LhuntseBNBL, MongarRunning
332017 Model UI SPOT ASPHALT drum MIX PLANT MODEL SDM45Jaray Gewog, LhuntseBNBL, MongarRunning
342017 model Singapore Yang Excavator with Rock Breaker.BP-1-A0323Motithang, Thimphu BNBL, Thimphu Running
352017 model Singapore Yang Excavator with Rock Breaker.BP-1-A0322Motithang, Thimphu BNBL, Thimphu Running
362017 model Singapore Yang Excavator with Rock Breaker.BP-1-A0324Motithang, Thimphu BNBL, Thimphu Running
372017 3 DX Super  IT Backhoe loaderBP-2-A0178BNBL, P/ling BNBL, PhuntsholingRunning
383 Units of Hydraulic Machine (Singapore Yang)Paro Town BNBL, Paro Running
392015 Model Road Roller BP-1-A3654Paro Town BNBL, Paro Running
402017 Model Road Roller BP-1-A0121Paro Town BNBL, Paro Running
412015 Model Excavator XG821 (Singapore Yang) BP-1-A3646Paro Town BNBL, Paro Running
422015 Model Excavator XG821 (Singapore Yang) BP-1-A3647Paro Town BNBL, Paro Running
432017 Model Road Roller BP-1-A0250Paro Town BNBL, Paro Running
442015 Model Excavator Singapore Yang BP-1-A3657Paro Town BNBL, Paro Running
452015 Model Excavator BP-1-A3662BNBL, EO, DagapelaIn-Charge @ 17474787Running
462016 Model Mahindra Earth Master SX4WD Backhoe Loader BP-1-A4073BNBL, P/ling BNBL, P/ling Legal @ 17872749Running
472018 Model Luigong 922D ExcavatorBP-1-A0356Gelephu Branch OfficeGelephu Branch OfficeRunning

List of Immovable Properties:

Sl. No.Property Details Thram #Plot No.LocationContact Point Remarks
1Land (2627 sqft) & 3-storied RCC framed building TT-777H-25Sunday Market, ThimphuBNBL, Thimphu @ 17534190
2Land (392.04 sqft) with 2 nos. of Basement Flats (Flat No. 10 and 11)5622CZ1-53Lower Changzamtok, ThimphuBNBL, Thimphu @ 17534190
3Land (3989 sqft) & 4-storied RCC framed building106MNI-115Mongar TownBNBL, Mongar
4Land (13068 sqft)535PGT-41Rinchending, PhuntsholingBNBL, Mongar
5Land (8,692 sqft)404BJ1-541Bajo Town, WangduephodrangBNBL, ThimphuGross Area
6Land (10,019 sqft)408BJ1-545Bajo Town, WangduephodrangBNBL, ThimphuGross Area
7Land (10890 sqft)406BJ1-543Bajo Town, WangduephodrangBNBL, ThimphuGross Area
8Land (1.40 Acres)8DHT-1355 Yinagang, Dewothang, SamdrupjongkharBNBL, Phuntsholing
9 Land (2 Acres) 8DHT-4852Yinagang, Dewothang, SamdrupjongkharBNBL, Phuntsholing
10Land (130,680 sqft)29TAL-1016Dongkokha, Below Nobgang Lhakhang, Talo, PunakhaBNBL, Thimphu
11Land (24 Dec.)89KAN-1024Kanglung, TrashigangBNBL, Phuntsholing
12Land (8,712 sqft)SJM-088Extended Municipal Area, S/jongkharBNBL, Samdrupjongkhar
13Land (84,811.32 sqft)1309PHT-2874Sukuni, Belamsharang (along the Samdrup Chholing High way) S/jongkharBNBL, Samdrupjongkhar
14Land (1,201 sqft) & 3-storied RCC framed buidling268U-26Dagana TownBNBL, Thimphu/Dagapela Extension
15Land (14,897.52Sqft.) 319NUB-3860 & NUB-3865Sherubling, TrongsaBNBL, Thimphu
16Land (16,857.72 Sqft) 429NUB-3864BNBL, Thimphu
17Land (27,442.80 Sqft.)432NUB-3866 & 3861BNBL, Thimphu
18Land (20,255.40 Sqft.)431NUB-3858BNBL, Thimphu
19Dry Land (1.512 Acres)552TSA-1884Tshangkha, Dagana BNBL, Tsirang
20Dry Land (28.6 Decimals)158TSA-1633Tshangkha, Dagana BNBL, Tsirang
21Dry Land (1.47 Acres)158TSA-204Tshangkha, Dagana BNBL, Tsirang
22Dry Land (1.50 Acres)158TSA-618Tshangkha, Dagana BNBL, Tsirang
23Dry land measuring 68,389.20 sqft175MEN-994 & MEN-995Mendaygang, TsirangBNBL, Wangdue
24Dry Land (1.21 Acres), Wet Land (63 Decimals), Dry Land (50 Dec.) with single storied load bearing B/ding. 195GSR-687/GSR-650/GSR-690Tashithang, Geserling Gewog, Dagana BNBL, Tsirang
25Land (172,541.16 Sqft.)245TSN-879Norbuzingkha, Dagana BNBL, Tsirang
26Land (5 Acres) with 4-storied RCC building, 2 -storied traditional building & sawmill cum furniture shed 188243,244, and 527/BKhoripam, Pemagatshel BNBL, S/jongkhar
27Land (22 Dec.) with 3-storied building under construction 1000RUE-1926Rubisa, Wangdue BNBL, Wangdue
28Land (12,196.80 Sqft.) 1799U-274Town, Trongsa BNBL, Bumthang
29Land (25,787.52 Sqft.) 474NUB-5327Nubi Gewog, TrongsaBNBL, Bumthang
30Land (20,603.88 sqft) 464TSN-1516Tsendagang, DaganaBNBL, Tsirang
31Land (297,471.24 sqft)443TSN-870 Dagapela, Dagana.BNBL, Tsirang
32Land (6,534 sqft) & 3-storied building104SHA-5497Bara, Shaba, ParoBNBL, Thimphu
33Land (63,597.60 sqft) & 2-storied load bearing building148DOG-2324Dogar, ParoBNBL, Thimphu
34Land (1,084 sqft) & 2-storied load bearing building3814U-534Lumang, TrashigangExtension Office, Wamrong
35Land (60 Dec.)11673(old) SHA-5051Lholing, Saba, Paro BNBL, Paro
36Land (6.02 Acres) 188 TSE-(1093, 1098, 1109, 1120, 1141, 1419, 1432, 1437, 1439 & 1440) Zamsa (behind Drugyel Dzong) Tsento, ParoBNBL, Paro
37Land (5.785 Acres) 531TSE-(1125, 1136, 1138, 1142, 1382, 1421, 1427, 1741, 1772, 2088 & 6385)Zomsa (behind Drugyel Dzong) Tsento, ParoBNBL, Paro
38Land (3.13 Acres) 1234TSE-(1127 & 1140) Zomsa (opposite to Drugyel Dzong) Tsento, ParoBNBL, Paro
39Land (33 Dec.) 3184Tsento, Paro BNBL, Paro

On Request:

Sl No.Property Details Thram #Plot No.LocationContact Point Remarks
1Land (4,539 sqft) & 3-storied RCC framed building with Basement & Attic2332JN1-148Jungshina, Thimphu17607287
2Land (30 Dec.)1459GT1-1235Tashiling (Near Airport Boundary), Extended Area, Gelephu17110537
3(25 Dec.) & 2-storied RCC framed building with JamthoNilNilSampheling Gewog (Toribari), Phuntsholing17111147
4Land (352,400.40 sqft)102KOR-1136, KOR-1176, KOR-1177, KOR-1242 & KOR-630Korphu, Trongsa17663229
5Hot Mix Plant (set)Shaba, Paro17663229Running


  1. All potential purchasers must register before 9.30 AM on the day of Auction.
  2. A registration fees of Nu.300 ( Non Refundable ) with an earnest money of Nu.25,000.00 to be deposited in cash /BNBL cheque not
    later than 10.00 AM on the day of auction.
  3. Earnest money of unsuccessful bidders shall be refunded.
  4. The highest bidder will be the purchaser and no bidder shall be allowed to retract their bid(s). All sales are final and binding.
  5. For every successful bid, the purchaser is required to make payment of 25% of the bid amount by CASH/BNBL cheque immediately after the
    fall of hammer. The balance is to be paid on or before the expiry of ten days from the date of Auction and take delivery of the property.
  6. The purchaser will not be entitled to possession of the property ( ies) purchased until the total purchase price have been fully paid
    and adjusted. In the event that the purchaser fails to pay the full purchase price for the property within the prescribed time,
    deposits/part payment made shall be forfeited.
  7. The purchaser shall be deemed to have physically inspected the property to their full satisfaction before making their bid(s).
  8. The Bank may at any time withdraw the property(ies) from the auction before or on the auction date at its own discretion.
  9. The decision of the Auction Committee to accept or reject the bid without assigning any reason shall be final and binding.

For any Clarification, Please contact Mr. Tenzin Norbu, Legal Officer, BNBL, HO, Thimphu or call @328577-88, Extn.1135 or 17619998

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