NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 25th Annual General Meeting of Bhutan National Bank Limited will be held on 30.03.2021 at 11AM at BNBL Corporate Office Conference Hall, Thimphu to transact the following business;

AGM-25/2021/1Adoption of Agenda
AGM-25/2021/2Consideration of the Audited Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2020
AGM-25/2021/3Declaration of Dividend, if any
AGM-25/2021/4Approval for Issuance of Bond
AGM-25/2021/5Reappointment of Board Directors
AGM-25/2021/6Appointment of Statutory Auditor for the year 2021
AGM-25/2021/7Any other matters

All shareholders are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting in person or by proxy. The proxy form can be downloaded from below.

In line with the RGOB guidelines on Covid 19 protocol, the bank will ensure adequate physical distancing for all participants at the AGM.

All shareholder’s interested in the digital copy of the AGM agenda are requested to contact Ms. Yangchen Delkar, Compliance Officer, Bhutan National Bank Limited, Thimphu at extension 1012 or email at