NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 23rd Annual General Meeting of Bhutan National Bank Limited will be held on 01.03.2019 at BNBL Head Office, Thimphu at 10 AM to transact the following business;

AGM-23/2019/01                         Adoption of Agenda
AGM-23/2019/02                        Consideration of the Audited Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2018
AGM-23/2019/03                        Declaration of Dividend, if any
AGM-23/2019/04                        Consideration of Appointment of Board Directors
AGM-23/2019/05                        Appointment of Statutory Auditors for 2019
AGM-23/2019/06                        Any other matters

All shareholders are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting in person or by proxy.

As mandated by the RMA Corporate Governance rules and regulations 2018, clause 30 states that the bank is required to obtain no objection letter on fit and proper test of all board director candidates considered for initial appointment or reappointment in the board at least one month prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting or expiry of the term. As described in Schedule II of this CGRR 2018, the Authority shall assess the candidates on: (i) honesty, integrity and reputation; (ii) competence and capability; (iii) financial soundness; and iv) declaration of business interests. The Authority may prescribe additional fit and proper standards as and when necessary.

All individuals/institutions interested in filing nominations for board directorship for 2019 are requested to fill the nomination form as well as the Fit and Proper Declaration Form for board directors which can be downloaded from below. The deadline for submission of the required documents is 18.01.2019. The bank will not accept any nominations after the given deadline.

The Nomination Form and Fit and Proper Declaration Form should be submitted in original to Ms. Yangchen Delkar, Compliance Officer, Bhutan National Bank Limited, Thimphu within 18.01.2019.


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